Sunday, 6 November 2011

3 key traits of a professional nanny

Nannies, once your family have completed a thorough nanny induction with you, it's your turn to shine!

At KiwiOz nanny agency we see hundreds of candidates every year and we know a pro when we see one.

So, how do you really impress a new family in the first few weeks? Here are the three key traits we think you should focus on:

1. Be organised
Punctuality and organisation are essential requirements that all families expect from their nanny. Make sure you're on time, use checklists and planners to keep yourself organised, and show your new family you are a consistent, reliable person they can trust.

2. Bond with the children
We love it when we call to check up on a placement and the first thing we hear is 'the kids absolutely adore her!' It's no secret that if you can win over the children you'll no doubt win over the parents as well. So think carefully about how you will try to bond with each of your charges. Some children bond quickly and others are shy or take longer to warm to new people- think about what your new charges are like, talk about it with the parents and decide on some key actions around strengthening your bonds.

3. Get involved
Great nannies will often have a wider impact than you think! They'll be known at the children's school, by neighbours, family and friends. They'll be committed to knowing all the great local activities and having fun with the kids. Perhaps you could bond with your charges by getting them to introduce you to the local area!

Nannies- is there anything you think we've missed? We'd love your expertise so please let us know by commenting below!


  1. mums & dads like to be told you like your job & love there children.
    Its the verbal backing up the actions.

  2. I agree Julia- and likewise parents nannies always like to hear if they're doing a good job!